The outfit itself is fairly nondescript:

It’s for a screening of Tangerine, a movie about a transgender sex worker and starring transgender performers (like Mya Taylor on the left, with producer Jay Duplass — of the increasingly omnipresent Duplass brothers — in the middle). Tangerine is getting rave reviews, so this is in aid of an awards push, I think. And I like that Caitlyn picked something smart-casual, because she clearly wanted to look nice for the occasion and to promote a project that’s important to her, but didn’t want to show up in full Valentino ball-gown glam in a way that would steal the limelight from the project itself. And when you’re a person who knows the spotlight is always going to chase you a little, it must be hard to dress for subtlety; this is a very nice and classy choice.

But she’s got bangs now, and I do love to dissect a makeover, so let’s zoom in:

I’ll be honest, I was worried at first that they were a bit too evocative of Bruce’s old haircut. And they’re a bit clumpy and half-hearted, which is what makes me wonder if it’s a clip-in or a wig rather than a new cut. But the thing is, they also flatter her, and I think if she’d gone any thicker or heavier with them, they’d swallow her up.

Besides, it’s just hair. If it’s fake and she hates it, she can take it off and shake out her real locks again later; if it’s real and she hates it, it’ll grow back slowly and she call Kate Middleton for advice and comfort until it’s fixed. That might be motivation enough to MAKE them real, actually.

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