This, the first Afternoon Chat of the year, is a Fug National Request from Third March Sister, and I am selfishly running it because I need this information myself. Podcasts. Let’s talk about them. Which are your favorites? I personally regularly listen to Extra Hot Great, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Ask a Clean Person! With Jolie Kerr, and Bitch Sesh, which is a Real Housewives podcast that Casey Wilson does with Danielle Schneider, and yes if you like Real Housewives, you need it in your life, and then a rotating variety of others (some of which I picked up from you all last time we talked about this). They are really the only way I get any housekeeping done here, like, ever. (There’s something really satisfying about listening to a podcast about cleaning WHILE cleaning.) Hit us with your recommendations, from the nerdy and specific and obscure on up. (Related: should I be listening to this season of Serial?) We’re listening.