I know a nighttime midweek shindig before the Globes doesn’t FEEL like it should be super formal, but plenty of people treated it as such, which is why I find Brie Larson’s outfit kind of refreshing.

She manages to look put-together, and as if she is taking this seriously, without also going for exhaustingly high glamour. Do I love the pants? No. She looks like a combination of Shit People Wore When I Was in Ninth Grade, a phase of life I personally hoped NEVER to revisit on just about every level — geographic, sartorial, physical, mental — and a paratrooper. But then again, it makes sense that this is Celine, because there’s also something endearingly French about this. She is one 90-degree shirt rotation away from being a Breton-striped paratrooping ninth-grade flashback, which is a much more palatable kind indeed. So yeah, I can’t see her feet, and yeah the huge high waist and massive belt and voluminous leg would look terrible on most people… but none of this looks terrible on HER, and she’s selling it with her best red lipstick, to boot.  I just talked myself into it, MademoiselleFélicitations à vous.

[Photo: Getty]

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