I have so many thoughts:

  1. I appreciate it when a dude does something different, especially when the “different” falls on the dapper end of the scale, and not the “I’m going to wear CHICKEN FEET TO THE EMMYS” scale. Although that is appreciated in a different way. The way that is pleased to have material to discuss on this here website.
  2. This fits him nicely and I am glad he isn’t wearing the I Just Woke Up In a Cold Sweat hairdo of a Hangover movie.
  3. Can we just discuss that he is currently the reigning Sexiest Man Alive? That already seems like such a random choice, which perhaps means this year’s slate of movies isn’t going as gangbusters as the last few. (Sorry, Bradley. You are nothing to sneeze at, but you know what I mean. Also, that link I just posted goes to the Wikipedia page for Sexiest Man Alive and I appreciate that Nick Nolte also once received the honor, presumably in conjunction with the press machine for Prince of Tides.)
  4. I am legit not sure if I think this all matches. I like the concept of the eggplant-colored suit. And the blue shirt is good with his eyes. I just don’t know if all of it comes together.
  5. What do you say? Hit the comments and make it happen.

[Photo: Splash]