Usually with Anna Kendrick, she’s in a boring color, or something that doesn’t fit quite right, or she’s got on a weirdly wrong shoe. So at least she avoided THAT trifecta:

In fact, I think black pumps with a skinny heel are the right pick here — there is so much going on that anything else would just take our eye away from the business. And as for that business: When this Alberta Ferretti hit the runway, Jessica was drawn to the idea of the skirt with a plainer top, and I would love to see that, too. However, the top doesn’t bother me as much on Kendrick as it did on the runway, because Anna is shorter, so it  hits her differently and thus you don’t get the effect of a transparent ruffle AND a sliver of skin. It’s still a little goofy though — like a boob mustache — and I keep wanting to smooth it down, or tuck it into the waistband, or tell her to save the exotic sportsbra for yoga class. AND YET, for the first time, I am looking at her and thinking, “That’s so interesting; I wonder what she’ll wear next.” So maybe it’s a win. Can you tell I’m conflicted? It’s like my heart wants one thing and my eyes are trying to convince it otherwise.

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