Anne Hathaway took some time out of the public eye after she won all the awards and made America’s eyes roll out of their heads and down the street to the local bar. That may not have been WHY she backed away, exactly, but I’m sure the backlash and the whole dress fiasco took a lot out of her — plus she probably just wanted to be married and quiet for a while and catch up on all the TV clogging her DVR. But now she has surfaced.

And that’s a very tentative reappearance. The color of the dress is about all the oomph this has; the cut isn’t very flattering — it’s a total Uterine Secret style — and the little piece of detail right over her Hathacave gives the illusion from a distance that we are sightseeing there, when in fact it’s opaque and patterned. The shoes have a little twinkle, which is cute, but they do nothing to enhance or elevate the overall aesthetic. And as much as I grew to like the pixie cut on her for a while there, this iteration of it isn’t as stylish. It ages her. So the whole thing for me is underwhelming, a little seasonally off (it’s only spring in the southern hemisphere, girlfriend), and 0verall feels kind of like she would rather STILL be sitting at home catching up on all the TV clogging her DVR. I don’t blame her. Sleepy Hollow isn’t going to watch itself.

[Photo: Getty]