We already had skater style on Emma Stone today; now, this kind of looks like a hybrid of a professional salchower and a Dancing With The Stars costume.

Oh, Jaime King. Don’t give up yet. Hart of Dixie might be really good, and Rachel Bilson is reliably darling. You don’t need to walk around like you’re secretly also courting Dancing With The Stars (and thus the approval of those two semi-sane judges and then that one dude who always speaks as if his chair has just been zapped with electric current). And you really don’t need to look like you’re auditioning to star in Off In A Hough, the eventual an inevitable Julianne Hough biopic on Lifetime about her true love with Ryan Seacrest. We’re not there yet, Jaime. Hang in there a bit longer. The wake of Pearl Harbor hasn’t done you in yet.

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