I truly feel — knock on wood — so ready for summer. We had two straight summers of being locked in our houses and while, of course, we all have to remain mindful of Covid and not do anything rash, I think this upcoming summer might prove to be….slightly wild for a lot of people. (In the enjoyable sense. Not in the Wow, Aliens Invaded sense, although honestly also nothing would surprise me anymore.) Emotionally, I just want to Kool-Aid Man Crash through the wall and into a pool with a drink in my hand. To quote the American Poet Laureate,  Kyle from Summer House, SUMMER SHOULD BE FUN. And with that in mind, you might need some shorts! I rounded up a variety of lengths and waistbands, and as an FYI, a lot of these are available in a variety of sizes so click through if they appeal even if the model isn’t indicative of your own bod — which I hope is gonna get out there and get slightly reasonably wild in a way that appeals to you over the next few months.

Also, as of this writing, J.Crew is having a big 40% off summer stuff sale, with an additional 15% off, so…maybe stock up on tee shirts and whatever, too? HAPPY SUMMERING.

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