It has unfortunately come to my attention that I hate almost everything I own! And yet I am scared to purge my closet because every time I have done this, three years later I’ve REALLY wanted something back. This is my cross to bear. However, I did reorganize some stuff in a tizzy last night and it also came to my attention that, thanks to the curse of sweater moths and my own weakness for only buying eccentric or whimsical items rather than actually useful basics, all my sweaters are either crazy or dead. This is the period of the year where I start envisioning myself becoming one of those women who only owns six elegant items and always looks polished and rich and understated. Like Gwyneth Paltrow in A Perfect Murder. On that tip, I have to tell you that Banana Republic has looked really good to me lately, and I am thinking about getting this sweater for the aforementioned vision. ALL of Banana’s current sweaters seem Understated and Rich at the mo’. My dumb moths are going to love them. And perhaps also some of these:

PS: In terms of stocking up, just as an FYI — J.Crew is doing 40% off everything right now.

PPS: I did bite the bullet and buy the Quince $50 cashmere crewneck. It looks good on Instagram!

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