Are you trying to eat healthier these days? Let me serve you some word salad, then. This is from the show notes at Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2023 show, as reported by Fashionista:

“Femininity is at the heart of the matter and Louis Vuitton joins the conversation: looking at it through emphasis, glorifying its complexity, magnifying it, putting it in the spotlight,” the brand writes in the show notes. “It’s a stylistic exercise that re-evaluates the proportions of clothing and its adjuncts, one in which the codes of femininity unsettle scale.”

That says a whole lotta nothing, as far as I’m concerned, especially in the context of the clothes themselves. I’d be more appreciative if Nicolas Ghesquiere just flat-out said, “I was bored and I thought f*cking huge zippers would be funny.” Can you imagine Ana de Armas flarging around in a glorified flotation aid with a zipper the size of a Bulgari piece? THIS is why she goes custom or bust. (Let’s be real: Most of this will turn up at the Met Gala for no reason, because that’s what LV does.)

I do think it’s interesting that Ghesquiere is doubling down on the notion of femininity, in a time when many designers are actively blurring the line between what’s traditionally thought of as menswear and womenswear, and society as a whole is expanding the boundaries of masculine/feminine. Just food for thought. A second salad course, perhaps.

[Photos: Spotlight]