All right: After a lengthy deliberation that involved lots of Cheetos, several Diet Cokes, some pauses for basketball, and lots of uses of the phrase, “But how high is she?”, we have our field of 65 celebrities for this year’s Fug Madness. I’m sure the identity of one of our top seeds will come as no surprise to you.

Now, before everyone engages the caps lock key in the comments and assumes we didn’t think this through, please consider our reasoning:

1. One person’s art is another person’s fugly, and the polls are a great place to argue that one out;

2. If you are willing to be seen in public in something, either on a stage or in a supermarket or on a red carpet, then you are responsible for it;

3. It is a VERY slippery slope in this industry to assume any one person is attention-whoring more than another person;

4. Ergo, it’s a slippery slope to start eliminating people from Fug Madness contention just because we decide attention is their motivation. Because if we did that, pretty soon nobody would be eligible. Is Lady Gaga trying to hog the spotlight by arriving via egg? Yes. Is Halle Berry begging for you to look at her by wearing lingerie? Yes. Was Anne Hathaway craving your attention by agreeing to host the Oscars, then going through seven or eight costume changes and giggling the whole time? Yes. It’s not the same KIND of attention, necessarily, and they go about it in different ways, but the common denominator is the same: These people really want you to look at them.

A couple other notes: Bai Ling is not in contention this year because she’s allegedly seeking help on Celebrity Rehab, and although it hasn’t aired yet and we are doubtful that Celebrity Rehab is anywhere near as reputable as actual rehab, it DOES have a lot of people on it with documented addictions and it has the word “rehab” in the title. So until we know more about that situation, bye for now, Bai. Come back soon.


Cher Bracket #1 seed: TAYLOR MOMSEN

Bjork Bracket #1 seed:  LADY GAGA

Charo Bracket #1 seed: RIHANNA

Madonna Bracket #1 seed: KATY PERRY

Stay tuned for the rest of them… The full Cher bracket is up next, and a full, printable bracket will be posted this afternoon!