Because when you are in the midst of the world’s most long-expected break-up, what ELSE do you feel like doing other than moping at home, watching a Pretty Little Liars marathon? Listen, Biel, I know that when you’ve been on the sofa in sweats for eight hours and your bleary eyes finally focus on the TV screen and you see a pretty young thing wearing a giant feather in her ear as a prelude to running off and making out with her dreamy but age-inappropriate English teacher, it seems like maybe A FEATHER might solve all your problems, too. But what in fact it actually does is prompt several GFY readers to email us and say, “Dude, have you seen Jessica Biel? She’s decided she’s Aria from Pretty Little Liars! NICE TRY.”

On the other hand, though, if we’re talking about Your Feather, then we’re not talking about Your Break-Up and perhaps that is mission accomplished, eh? Maybe you’re wilier than I thought, Biel. GAME ON.

[Photo by: Splash]