This whole Primates of Park Avenue thing is fascinating. The book is being presented as a non-fiction piece of social anthropology by “Wednesday Martin Ph.D.,” but it’s turned out to be — per some journalists who did a little digging — a potentially largely fictionalized work by a person whose doctorate is in literature and whose given name is actually Wendy (which… what’s the point? It’s barely different! You are not fooling anyone!). Why not just write a novel, if you want to take expansive liberties? It was well-reviewed before people started poking around into its timelines and finding problems, and Simon & Schuster is reportedly putting a disclaimer on it in future printings claiming any divorce from reality is simply a memoirist’s narrative technique, even though it was initially presented as a more studied and researched project. Regardless, straight-up fiction wouldn’t have had that issue. The whole thing is bizarre.

At any rate, there was a book party, and for reasons I don’t entirely understand, actress Leven Rambin (True Detective 2, All My Children) showed up:

And she went EXTREMELY thematic. It’s as if Lilly Pulitzer had been asked to do an urban jungle collection for an Upper East Side tea party. I keep expecting Marcel the Monkey to swing in and land on her shoulder, just to be as obvious as possible.

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