She IS a model, so she clearly has an innate sense of how to make an entrance. Or exit:

I’m pretty sure she’s about to walk into a gala at a hotel and hurl some throwing stars at the guest of honor. Then she’ll knock out the security cameras and abscond with somebody’s emeralds, after which she will scramble into a car with her partner in crime Hot Neville — I’m spitballing here — and double-cross their big boss by hightailing it to Monte Carlo, where they’ll foolishly gamble the gems away to Clive Owen. He will, in turn, wrestle them under his villainous thumb and pit them against the same nefarious crime lord (Ray Winstone) they just fled. It will not end well. But it will have been worth it, because that’s a good outfit on her.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]