Aw, Princess Anne looks so happy. She’s kind of The Forgotten Royal, since she’s not a) married to a woman about whom she once said, “I’d like to live inside your trousers… as a tampon” (that would be Charles); b) involved in any financial and/or behavioral scandals in which you may or may not be besties with a dude who may or may not have hooked you up with underage girls (hi, Andrew); c) have to resign from his own production company after one of its camera crews besieged Wills at University (raise your hand, Edward); or d) constantly putting her foot in her mouth (Prince Philip, this one’s for you). So it’s nice that she gets a day to shine, as the cheery mother of the bride.

But of course, she was not the only royal present: We had Sophie and Edward, and Camilla, and Harry, and Bea and Eug in way less controversial hats, and Harry, and the Queen, and Harry. Come take a look.

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