I feel like Jessica Alba should have had this baby about six months ago:

And, as such, I feel like we need to give the girl props for a) being up and about, period and b) managing to take what is essentially a tent and still look cute and chic and pulled together. Maybe after she has the baby, she can teach a class on that down at The Centuh. And yes, I did somehow end up watching Honey on VH1 like TWICE last weekend. I can’t explain it. It’s like I turned on the TV and just FELL IN.  I am mesmerized by the number of sports jerseys worn in that movie, but I am even MORE mesmerized by the fact that apparently this summer marked the straight-to-DVD release of Honey 2: Dance Battle, a mere NINE YEARS after Honey 1. AND it stars Fug Favorite and Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham. AND! Mario Lopez, AS HIMSELF. AND Audrina Patridge, NOT as herself. How have I not seen this yet?? THAT MUST BE RECTIFIED.