Obviously, Footloose is a classic movie. Not only did it help make Kevin Norwood Bacon a household name and face, but it’s chock full of excellence. Dance montages! Dance-teaching montages! John Lithgow being disapproving! Dianne Wiest seeming stressed! Lori Singer wearing small tank tops! Sarah Jessica Parker being spunky! Rebellion! The kids being all right! A warehouse! City kids bringin’ their big-town hokum to country America! The 2011 remake never came close.

But beyond that: This movie soundtrack was so good, my family somehow ended up with two copies on cassette — I suspect because between my parents, my two sisters, and me, several of us wanted access to it. I think “Footloose” is one of the most perfect songs ever produced, and that’s true even though I can only make out 33 percent of the words (“I’m frrrrn in the yrrrrn in the fo sharm” is definitely correct though). Can you truly, genuinely, NOT tap your toe or otherwise attempt to rock out when you hear it? Can you switch it off? Is it possibly the Law & Order marathon of songs?

In short, if you like Footloose, and ESPECIALLY if you like actual feet, this is the post for you. Here’s the official music video, which mixes (and awkwardly loops) some of the foot shots from the movie’s opening sequence with shots from the movie itself. It’s basically REALLY excited about Lori Singer and the aforementioned red tank top:

In case you’re thinking, “But how much of this IS from the opening titles,” let me answer that for you here:

The 2011 remake takes this main-title idea and sets it at a keg party where all the attendees are also singing the song. But then it ends in a fiery car crash. Sigh. Do not use Sir Kenny Loggins’s “Footloose” for evil, moviemakers. (No, Kenny Loggins is not a Sir, but if we could knight people then he damn well would be.)

But one of the great treasures of Footloose is the scene where Kevin Bacon is so angry, he drives to an empty warehouse so that he can RAGE DANCE. And I cannot deny you that catharsis now:

Honestly, I kind of WISH I worked out my feelings this way. It’s much better cardio than eating honey-roasted cashews or playing Fortnite.