I was saying to Jessica that this pandemic, oddly, might be the thing that makes New York Fashion Week happen again. Celebrity attendance had really dwindled — we stopped covering it in person because it was basically the same small handful, and very few A-list attendees — but I think now ALL of them are jonesing for events. Any events. Big events, small events, events that remind them of The Before Times, and what better than a fashion show to do that. Sit front row, get some pictures, wear clothes that aren’t elastic-waisted, and LIVE THE OLD LIFE. So whenever Covid ends, or “ends,” if the brands can afford proper runway shows again, I wonder if front rows will be stocked again. Which brings me to the Coca-Cola collaboration here. That’s certainly ONE way to try and make sure you can afford it. And at least he tried? I remember one season, The Blonds did a partnership with Playboy, and basically all they sent down the runway was the same Playboy bunny outfit like 15 times on different models, and that was it. Very confusing and weird. Jason at least worked the Coke motif into some patterns like that skirt with the bottle silhouette, but… not very many? The rest is all super cute, regular-person stuff, in a way that is calming to me.

[Photos: Imaxtree]