The funny thing about Ryan Gosling getting credit for teaching everyone to pronounce Saoirse Ronan’s name — “rhymes with inertia” — is that she herself said that YEARS ago (I assume he is repeating what she told him?) and that’s how I taught myself to remember it. And said as much a year or so ago to a friend who named her daughter Saoirse; I was so proud of knowing more or less how to say it. So Gosling is using a mnemonic of sorts that Ronan suggested years ago, and the only people who heard her then were the ones like me who have to spell it/say it as part of my work. The moral of the story is that if you have anything you need the world to notice, make it come out of Ryan Gosling’s mouth. (But hey, anything that yields sound bites like “blond Canadian Jesus” isn’t so bad.)

Okay, digression over; let’s move onto the outfit, which is basically the polar opposite of the lively Duro Olowu she just wore.

It’s nicely fitted, but under-styled. The shoes (from the front at least) look too daytime, and her wrists too bare. A grown-up cocktail dress needs some more elegant — or elegantly funky — touches, but let’s just assume this is the palate-cleanser before some kind of Golden Globes Weekend Taste Sensation.

A photo from inside Tao sheds some light on various things, including Saoirse’s heels:

I detect some sparkle back there, which helps A BIT, though I still stand by thinking it’s not enough to make the whole look sing. I do, however, still think Kristen’s fabric looks as cheap as a knockoff of a knockoff of a down vest that itself wishes it were a Chanel bag, and her shoes hurt my feelings even more than I realized. And then we’ve got Julianne’s baggy pants, which do not go with an equally roomy sweater. Don’t waste that lovely green on an outfit that looks like you forgot about presenting this award to Kristen until five minutes beforehand, when you were salting your pasta sauce and singing along to Hamilton, and then WHOOPS, your phone calendar bleeped and you cursed and just threw on some heels with your kitchen clothes and then coasted in the back door of the venue humming “What’d I Miss?” with a flicker of jazz hands.

[Photos: Getty, Henry Lamb]