We loved this Naeem Khan on the runway at Fashion Week, and voila, it popped up not a month later on the back on Emily Blunt:

I still love the dress, but I wish she’d had it tailored to hit her where it hits the model, which is right around the knee. Or maybe it would be fine if she weren’t wearing ankle-focused shoes — either the hem or the strap or both are encroaching on each other and putting her on the express train to Stumptown, and sadly, I don’t mean the coffee purveyor. In fact, the pedi-tuxes would be cuter with a simpler dress that really needs their dash of fun. Right now they’re just starting an argument. One side is pushing, the other side shoves back, then suddenly everyone is wrestling for the red golf club when there are three perfectly good golf clubs in other colors lying elsewhere around the yard and they do the exact same thing and so what IS it about the red one, anyway, is it the drumstick jammed in the handle to fix where it broke, or the duct tape belt down by the club face, or…

So apparently I’m projecting here, but the point remains: I don’t think this quite works as-is, but it COULD have worked, and I wish it had… and for what it’s worth, the red golf club with the jimmied black-and-white drumstick handle would’ve looked dandy with this if it weren’t being wrestled over right now by two dudes in Muppets t-shirts.

Which was better, runway or reality?

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  • Reality (11%, 928 Votes)
  • Reality might've stood a chance with different styling (45%, 3,639 Votes)

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