Because this is Christy Turlington we’re talking about here, I feel compelled to point out — before any misunderstandings accidentally light the Internet on fire or something — that nothing I’m saying about her clothes in ANY WAY detracts from the fact that she’s Christy f’ing Turlington and is therefore inherently awesome.

Generally, I come down on the “no” side of wearing tights with open-toed shoes. I’m also not sure about navy pantyhose, but if death were not an option and I had to choose between navy and nude, navy wins by a landslide. Further, if this event was warm enough for her to wear a monosleeve, was it not warm enough to forego the tights entirely? And was this in fact a medically prescribed high-fashion whiplash treatment designed to keep her neck in place? And is any blood successfully flowing to her right boob?

So, I have concerns, is what I’m saying. Thankfully for her, none of them revolve around the rest of her, which still looks as stellar as ever. Apparently when time marches on, it does a formation that sidesteps her entirely. Graceful aging, Hollywood. It can be done.

[Photo: Getty]