A lot happened this week, from shirtlessness to heart attacks to Lavon telling Lemon that Zoe knows about Their Romantic Past. He promises that Zoe’s not going to tell Jason “George” Street, but Lemon decides SHE has to tell George but she doesn’t get a chance because George’s dad has a heart attack whilst he and George are having a big fight that is prompted by Lemon’s [actually well-founded but this time misguided] dislike of Papa George, and now George is all blaming Lemon if his Dad dies while they’re on the outs, which is totally unfair. And I don’t even like Lemon. Zoe calls her estranged dad to come in and do Papa George’s heart surgery, so we ought to get some interesting movement with the two of them once the show comes back. In other news: Magnolia has a crush on HNW; HNW still is crushing on Zoe even though he knows she loves (?) George thanks to the fact that she gave this big gushy speech about him when he won Bluebell’s Man of the Year award; Lavon has a wondrous pants-wardrobe; Carl Winslow is awesome.