One of the ways that I realized that I am now TRULY middle-aged-ish is that when this group — Fifth Harmony (which I have been known to call The Fifth Dimension) — lost one of their members and it seemed like Twitter was in a complete meltdown the likes of which I personally haven’t felt since Shannen Doherty stomped away from Beverly Hills 90210, I really had only the very foggiest idea who they were and which one of them left. And I have a couple of their songs on my cardio mix! Kids, let me tell you something: This happens to us all. There WILL be a day when you wake up and you think Manchester By The Sea is called Manchester United and you discover that one of the people in a fairly popular girl group could run you over with her car and you would not be able to provide the authorities with her name. It will happen. It comes for all of us.

Anyway, so these nice girls are all wearing satin sheets to these party and I hope someone brought them coats, or at least a cozy duvet cover. They’ll catch their deaths!