I don’t want to hurt you, so I hope you’re sitting down for this: I actually really like this dress over pants. I know. I don’t really recognize myself anymore, either. It’s just very pretty.  To me, it feels slightly related to the shalwar kameez – Lagerfeld has certainly turned to Indian fashion for inspiration before — and she wears it well. I also think they made the right decision to get rid of the belt that Chanel used on the runway:

Emma — who won Best Actress and will 100% win an Oscar in two weeks unless we all get hit by a meteor before the Academy Award — also wore Chanel to the big BAFTAs nominees luncheon:

British Academy Film Awards Nominees Party

Across the luncheon, surely Michelle Williams made a mental note of What Could Have Been. Which is not to say that Emma doesn’t look good in this — she definitely does; it’s right in that Girlish High Fashion wheelhouse which works for her — but that Michelle Williams knows she would have looked good in it, too.

[Photos: Getty]