In case you were wondering if this bit of sidewalk outside of Build Series is considered an official press opportunity now, the above photo makes it PLENTIFULLY clear that everyone toddles over there ready to be photographed. (They usually just prep more around the corner, I suspect.) Doesn’t one of you work over there? I feel like recently someone here commented that they work across the street from Build Series and it’s getting very annoying. I fully believe this, but it’s also like you are getting your own version of the late, lamented Letterman Dumpster! (Remember that time I wrote a poem about the Letterman Dumpster and THEY MOVED IT THE NEXT DAY? I didn’t want that to happen, Letterman Dumpster. I still miss you.)

In other questions answered, here we have What Would It Look Like If Dorothy Gale Decided She Wanted The Option To Wear Pants?

Celebrity Guests at Build Series

I mean, it’s definitely sassy? But it might also be pajamas?

[Photos: ROGER WONG/, Janet Mayer/]