Oftentimes, it would be madness to wear something right off the catwalk, because runway styling can be — as the kids said like 15 years ago when I was working on ANTM – so extra. But in the case of Gigi Hadid, her subtractions aren’t additions. On the runway, this outfit looked more luxe, thanks in part to a matching boa and what I think is a) a richer fabric, even if it does come off crinkly, and b) more invisible straps. Here, it just looks like Gigi ordered a full Maidenform slip from Macy’s, shaved the mane off an old Simba stuffed animal from the Disney Store, and married them with a stapler. If anyone could wear an outfit as it appeared on the runway, it would be another model, so I am unclear why Michael Kors gave her the Miss Hannigan Edit. All of which, together, are a whole lot of words that add up to: Huh.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]
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