This photo has me longing for Sophia Bush to be cast in a period piece about a groovy young teacher, straight out of college, who gets a job teaching English at an uptight New England girls’ school, where she shakes those young ladies up by talking to them about birth control pills and the oil crisis and how they DON’T have to marry that nice boy even if they DID have sex with him, and how they can chuck it all and go live in New York City and become a poet if they want! She’ll have a lot of ferns in her office, and only drink out of ceramic mugs she made herself (badly), and smoke a LOT, and eventually the rich uptight parents will get her fired after she takes one of her students to get an abortion, and she says she’d DO IT AGAIN! The epilogue will reveal that she went on to work for Geraldine Ferraro, and eventually married an investigative reporter with a penchant for large belt buckles. Someone, please work on this immediately. Thank you!

[Photo: JOHN EDDY/]
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