This event was called “a Respect Talk on How To Cultivate More Bliss in Today’s World,” which…sure! We’re certainly all running low on bliss right now.  Per Rohm’s Instagram, this event was at the Veronica Beard store, so I’m going to assume she’s also wearing Veronica Beard and I think it’s this dress. (I know everyone is really tired of my yapping about the pandemic, so I’m just going to tell my fellow Americans to please wear their masks and save us all the agita of the rest of my blathering. But I think LA County having any further in-person panel conversation events is very unlikely in the next month, given our numbers. We’re in a mess, y’all.)  Having said that, this is all real reasonable and pleasantly soothing. I am apparently only writing about reasonable patterned day dresses today. It’s not the worst trend!

[Photos: MediaPunch/Shutterstock]