Monica here went out last week to the opening of an “immersive experience” called Jam Capsule at Grande Halle de La Villette (sidebar: “formerly a slaughterhouse, now a cultural center” was not what I expected to read when I Googled the venue). There is something very back-to-business about this outfit. I’m sure it’s the fact that it’s a tailored jumpsuit that puts an emphasis on “suit,” so that’s “business” in a literal way. It’s also posh and polished, with only the random overlong neck tie giving it quirk, yet also looks like something any fancy French (she is Italian, but IN France) woman might wear to any given place — and not, say, as if Monica was at home thinking to herself, “FINALLY THINGS ARE HAPPENING AROUND TOWN. I HAVE TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING RESPLENDENT.” Don’t get me wrong — I very much want to see some kookery when more celebrities start making professional appearances. But the other side of that is, it’s relaxing not to feel like EVERYTHING is a huge-ass deal. Just slide into some wide-legged trou and potentially your old espadrilles and go about your day. I miss big events, sure, but I miss that feeling just as much.

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