Paula seems to be having an Overhaul Everything kind of moment, from the lopped-off and bleached hair, to the edgier style. The coat is totally solid, and the idea of tossing it on with a simple tee and leather pants is great. Glaring white boots, though? They feel a little like something you’d have seen in the Charlie’s Angels movie, and not in a fun way. It’s like a triggering thing, where you go straight to that scene at the racetrack and how they all had to wear those satin coveralls with no bra, and then suddenly you’re skidding down memory mountain, remembering that Tom Green is in that movie and oh my God he and Drew Barrymore used to be married and I had blocked out his gross MTV show until now and WHY WAS TOM GREEN, PERIOD.

Stars at Build Series

And then we see the Gucci tee and the drawstring waist on the pants, and all her cool points ebb away , and we’re left with what might have been and also… Tom Green. Which is not what anyone wanted.