I am sure these people all flew private, so me telling you that Google says it’d take one day and six hours to get from Italy to Colorado is irrelevant. But it DOES feel like Telluride’s dress code was, “OMG, you’re tired, just wear whatever.” Separately, it also turns out that apparently Telluride, Toronto, and Venice — being close to each other on the calendar — used to be in a bit of competition with each other but have recently decided to call a truce and try to encourage movies to come to all of them rather than just one or two. So I’m sure there’s also an element of Telluride wanting this to be as chill-seeming a long haul as possible. Here is my question: Since they didn’t stick around, does this mean they already know they’re not winning any closing-night awards? Or do they not do those at Venice? Questions abound.

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