Hey all,

Just a friendly reminder that Heather and I will be moderating a quick and hopefully awesome Q&A with the amazing Mandi Line, costume designer for ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars this Saturday, December 3rd, at the Macy’s in Sherman Oaks (at Fashion Square), followed by a  fashion show! Come on out and say hello, and enter to win a consultation with Mandy! (And congratulate me for writing that incredibly long opening sentence [cracks knuckles].)

The event starts at 2 p.m. and you can RSVP to Macy’s at 877.884.3751.  Come on down, bask in the Mandi Line, high-five us, see yourself some fashion, and get started on your holiday shopping. Or, as a friend of ours suggested, at least use it as an excuse to hit the Cinnabon.