Argylle is a parody (I assume) of spy movies that is allegedly based on a book that hasn’t been published yet by a woman named Elly Conway. My theory is that it’s total B.S., and was written by the screenwriter as a promotional tool, and/or that he wrote a version of book that’s in the movie and they’re publishing that for fun; regardless, I don’t think “Elly Conway” exists. I guess we’ll find out! The trailer looks terrible BUT I think all trailers are terrible these days and the movies often turn out to be fine or even lovely (see: Wonka), so maybe this will be a total romp. Anyway, Claudia Schiffer attended the Argylle premiere in her role as a) the spouse of the director, Matthew Vaughn, and b) the mother of the cat in the movie, whom we’ve seen inside an argyle backpack on posters and in previews, and now, at the premiere itself. I kinda hate this for Chip, who did not seem to enjoy life behind his suffocating glass porthole. I hope he wasn’t having flashbacks.

[Photos: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Apple, Samir Hussein, Mike Marsland/WireImage, Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images, Kate Green/Getty Images for Universal Pictures]