I must confess that I enjoy Women’s Health as a magazine very much. Their recipes are legitimately good and I just read a very interesting and informative piece about breathing through your nose in the print mag. And this month’s profile of Ciara is perfectly reasonable! You know, it’s Women’s Health-y — she talks about her beauty line and she works out with a trainer and her mid-morning snack is nuts. You know the drill!

However. This cover perplexes me. We feature Ciara here all the time and I feel like the number one thing I’ve ever typed about her in my life is, “her head looks amazing.” Ciara is gorgeous. Ciara might be one of the most gorgeous people alive right now, in fact. But she looks mildly congested in the cover shot AND in many of the editorial snaps. Does she need the nose breathing article?! It starts on page 33!

[Photo: Caleb + Gladys]
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