Brianna McNeal, Keni Harrison, and Christina Clemons (pictured here in that order) qualified for the Olympics in the 100 meter hurdles. And while they are all awesome — and in GREAT patterns; the leopard track-and-field gear is truly fantastic and I wish they would just make it in our flag colors so that they can wear it in Tokyo — the point of this post is Christina’s amazing earrings. Which you can see so much better on her Twitter, but here they are in the only photo we had:

2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials - Day 3

And not just any Doritos; specifically, Cool Ranch Doritos, and in the vintage-style bag. I love them so much. This is a specific celebration of a specific snack, and the fact that she ran SPRINT HURDLES in them and is going to the Olympics is awesome.

Originally, I mistyped the headline as “Dorotos earrings,” which made me think, “Dorota’s earrings,” and I really really love the idea of jewelry in the image of Blair’s beloved maid Dorota from Gossip Girl. But now I am trying to think what snack, or food in general, I would immortalize on myself this way, and I think the answer is fairly obvious actually: a Diet Coke in one lobe, and a bag of potato chips in the other. The far tougher question is what flavor. McCoy’s Flame-Grilled Steak? The Kroger brand Prime Rib & Horseradish? Old Dutch Dill Pickle? Ketchup? All-Dressed Ruffles? A good old-fashioned cheese & onion? If we’re talking truly representing me, it’d be a bag of Groovers. Those were ridged potato chips that they sold in the pub I essentially grew up in during the ’80s — shout-out to The Nag’s Head in Sunningdale, I love you! — and I’ve never seen them anywhere else, but I’d go every Saturday and Sunday with my dad and I’d get a Coke and one bag (usually bacon or cheese & onion). Then we’d hang out with the pub crew for a few hours and I’d get a couple pounds to feed into the slot machine in the corner. If I won big, and I often did because it was cheaper and easier to do so back then, Dad would thank them for letting me play by reinvesting the winnings in the form of buying everyone a round, and sometimes I’d get a bonus bag. So yeah. A Diet Coke in one lobe, and vintage Groovers in the other. What would it be for you?

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