Let us begin with this shot, which I could not get for the slideshow (although there’s a lot happening in the slideshow, so don’t skip it):


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She is so pretty, and as I said in the slideshow, I actually think this whole look on Hailey is VERY polished and chic. I personally would not ever have done a bare midriff to meet a head of state, but this is basically the most elegant bare midriff in the world (and you know, they’re French. They’re stylistically open-minded). If I could change one thing here, it would have been Justin’s shoes. I get it — and he is a musician, they have a lot of latitude — but I think he could have done some other footwear that was not boring and uptight but maybe didn’t go all the way to these particular sneaks? Like, sneakers can work, but these sneaks feel like a bit of a thud down there. Maybe if they weren’t so BLUE? I do think he looks great with the haircut. Lots to discuss here, and in the slideshow.

[Photos: Marc Piasecki/GC Images, Pierre Suu/GC Images]