The Sev had her usual decent Fug Madness run, and with that still fresh, it’s hard to take this REALLY seriously. It’s not even that bizarre. Really, it’s just a tank top of sorts with a shirt-dress that saw fit to line its collar and cuffs but precious little else, with a skirt style that owes a slight debt to flamenco. Okay, wait, I read that back; it’s a little bizarre. It may not be standard-issue head-scratching Sevignyeek, but it’s firmly Not Great, and that’s a start. I know there are some who can’t stomach the cavalcade of badness that Fug Madness proffers every year, but sincerely, I miss it when it’s gone and immediately start rooting for the empty arsenals to refill.

Speaking of Fug Madness: Our in-house editor and post-production guru may not be able to get to the “One Fugging Moment” video until the weekend, due to the fact that we don’t actually pay him and two other people currently are and so they have to come first. I thank you for your patience, and he vows that it will happen as shortly as is humanly possible. He would never forsake Fug Nation.