It may not shock you to discover that these covers are good. We are in the hands of a professional. The interview is also in the hands of a professional rather than, say, another model — although I would want to read a story where, say, Naomi Campbell interviewed Cindy Crawford. It was written by Brooks Barnes, who generally writes for the New York Times and who is, in the interest of full disclosure, my friend. The crux of it is: Cindy Crawford is a really nice person, who is and always has been a hard-working professional, and a hands-on mom. Which maybe isn’t the juiciest breaking scoop in the world, but it’s relaxing information to have and given that I often feel like I’m about to enter one of those anxiety hospitals mentioned on the cover, I appreciate it. This whole undertaking feels deliciously professional. WE NEED THAT RIGHT NOW. THANK YOU.

[Cover: Victor Demarchelier for Town & Country]