Remember that Katherine Heigl joint 27 Dresses, in which she still looks like Katherine Heigl and yet for some reason nobody in the entire world notices this, so she’s treated as The Mousy One compared with her sparkly blond sis Malin Akerman? And there’s a montage where Heigl wears all the dresses she’s donned as essentially a career bridesmaid? Yeah. This dress belongs right smack in that montage as the 28th dress — assuming its twin isn’t in there already, as itself. Unflattering? Check. Twisted bandeau top? Check. Flesh triangle? Check. Fashion infraction against her pelvis? BIG check. Ruffle explosion? Yep. Matching one-shoulder ruffle that looks like a giant scrunchie? Hell yes. It’s all there, to the point where I barely even notice that I like her shoes. Oh, MALIN. Don’t just be one more slide in a long-ago montage.