Everything about this photo screams, “SCREW THOSE SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER.” Not only is Mindy a walking garden, but the step-and-repeat is erupting with citrus. It’s a nice vibe, and I love the pattern. I do think, though, that the cut of the dress isn’t as flattering as we’re used to seeing on her; I want the waistline not to be dropped as low as it is, for example, because it makes the dress feel like a sack. She’s still not that far removed from having a baby, so do whatever you want, girl, but: We’ve seen her since in more fitted stuff that nips her at her true waist, like this belted dress and her glittery wrap from the Oscars, plus the very fitted gown she wore to the Wrinkle In Time premiere. So it’s not like she’s steering away from that; I think this is just a case where the dress needed adapting or to be left on the rack, and neither thing happened. Still, it’s REALLY insanely cute. It’s like Jodie Sawyer not wanting to hear if she made Peter Gallagher’s world-famous ballet company: Would anyone among us have had the strength to say no?

[Photo:  Neil Rasmus/BFA/REX/Shutterstock]