First it was velvet. Then it was a Zimmermann and some Versace. And now we have another two days of tromping around in blazers before what might be the culmination: ginormous pant-skirts, which will carry her up, up, and away, like a leg-winged Liberace. If you want your wedding theme to be Victor/Victoria, then this is the pantsuit for you.

She went more casual earlier:

Blake Lively returning to her hotel in New York

Linen is nobody’s friend, if you have to sit for any length of time, but I actually like all of this except for the jacket hairs. Either give that thing a haircut or take it off, and we’re fine.

No, Roland. No. People are not tucking their ties into their pants. And Blake, hem the pants and SHOW US THE FOOTWEAR GOODS. Your shoes are almost always perfection. Do not hide that light under a bolt of plaid.

My head hurts. At least her legs are finally getting some air? They must feel so stifled lately.

[Photos:, Rex/Shutterstock]