When Blake draped herself in velvet the other day, Jessica noted that it essentially felt like a declaration of war on summer. I, for one, could not be more supportive. Summer temperatures have worn out their welcome, as have the cockroaches that come with them. Blake must agree, because after the all-velvet ensemble, she burst forth from her hotel in this, like an avenging business angel hired by the retail companies to usher in coat weather so that our wallets might fall open.

This look is… aggressive. Blake has a habit of wearing stuff that is assembled exactly as it was on the runway, which means things get overwhelming very quickly, and this is one such situation. She looks like a crime family matriarch in a Bugsy Malone sequel. I don’t hate the idea, but the vest and pants don’t fit; assuming that’s fixable, I’d tighten them up so as not to let her chest fly, and then lose the blouse, for starters.

Later, she wore a Versace outfit that came down the runway on a male model:

Cocktail Party to Celebrate A SIMPLE FAVOR

It is ever so bright. She looks like a gigantic tennis ball. But I have to admit… I also think she looks fantastic. The pants need to come up a bit so we can see both of her colorful Loubs, but the big earrings and scraped back hair help give this a certain poise. And full marks to her for pulling off balancing the blazer on her shoulders in two successive outfits. It’s a Kardashian affectation, and it’s inherently silly to me — if it’s not suit weather, then don’t wear a suit — but she does it well. Maybe even better than they do.

Cocktail Party to Celebrate A SIMPLE FAVOR

It’s cool, Blake, they don’t come here. They’ll never know.

[Photos: InstarImages.com, WENN]