Emma’s charms are well-documented on this site, and are generally agreed-upon in the comments. I appreciate that she seems to be having fun anywhere she goes, and that she’s embraced the full bloom of her white hair. But… overalls might be a bridge she and I will not cross together. Back in 1994, when I had shorts-overalls, they unhooked frequently, or else I had to pull the straps so tight that my virtue was compromised. I’m also not a big proponent of white pants, because I would OBSESS over whether I had stained them, or sat in anything, and I do not generally like to spend that much time contemplating what my derriere is doing. Ergo, Emma, I hope that you are comfortable and not doing any gardening in those, and I wish you well in your endeavors. Perhaps give Amy Poehler a call if you need a fellow enthusiast?¬†Amy has been leaning into them, too, on Making It — which is thoroughly charming and goofy, by the way, and casting-wise/vibe-wise comes the very closest to The Great British Baking Show that any American reality contest has been able to muster. Maybe they should do Baking It next, and lure Mel, Sue, and Mary over from the UK. And now that I’ve found an excuse to discuss that show in the comments, LET’S DO JUST THAT.

[Photo: Red/Shutterstock]