Just a note up top: PLEASE avoid event spoilers for things that have not aired yet in the major U.S. time slots — for example, the women’s gymnastics has happened already but is airing in prime time tonight (Tuesday), so please don’t discuss the results for those who are avoiding spoilers until they can get to Mike Tirico’s broadcast. Thanks!

I’m so sorry this is tardy, but this is the soonest I was able to pull together any of these photos for us to then discuss the Opening Ceremony and the OUTFITS and some of what’s followed, but! I AM HERE NOW. This is just a sampling, though, because I had to limit myself before this ballooned to 100 slides, and I also didn’t have clear shots of every country. If I missed a particular favorite, please shout them out in the comments. Spoiler: I don’t love the U.S. uniforms, even with the stripes. I know. Sorry-not-sorry, Ralph.

[Photos: Shutterstock]