Bella Thorne has been pulling it together to go on the Midnight Sun promo trail, which I assume means the pendulum will swing back and she’ll roam around Coachella wearing shorts that actually used to be baby socks. But for now: progress. [A note: I hope someday I will be able to stop writing posts about her without these relatively low expectations.] I think that art deco fringe skirt is actually very, very pretty, and I wish the whole DRESS was like that. The white corset doesn’t fit and it distracts from the fun of the bottom part, so just… design a bodice, y’all! Don’t just give up and fall back into underwear. It may not catch you.

Apparently, Bella’s co-star Patrick Schwarzenegger is pals with Justin Bieber, hence the latter’s surprise attendance. He… has looked better.

The World Premiere of Midnight Sun

Patrick is just beaming away over there, jolly as can be. Biebs seems dazed, confused, and about ten seconds away from musing, “Everything is different, but the same… things are more moderner than before… bigger, and yet… smaller… It’s computersSAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES.” People, in an attempt to write a polite story about it, said:

He appeared to like the movie too, smiling after it was over with Schwarzenegger and Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend Abby Champion by his side and proudly telling onlookers, “Let’s talk about the kissing scenes!”

Yeah, that’s not really liking the movie. That’s wanting to giggle about tongue because you are 12 years old. Which is fine when you are, in fact, 12 years old. Don’t be a creep, Justin. Although the S.S. Arrested Development may already have sailed.

Anyway, it was just so thoughtful of Justin to put in so much hygienic, stylish effort into this appearance on behalf of his friend. You can sort of see here that his hair was all matted and gross in the back; you can’t tell that he’s in track pants. But you absolutely CAN see his message-wear:

Midnight Sun Premiere

I mean… and also with you? I don’t even know, kid.

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