I shall not mince words: THIS IS FUN.  People, by and large, did not punt on the opportunity to Barbie-it-up on this red carpet, and Margot Robbie continues absolutely nailing it with stylist Andrew Mukamal, this time recreating a classic Barbie look, the 1960 Solo in the Spotlight Barbie, which you may also remember because it was reissued in the early 90s. (My money for this one would have been Crystal Barbie but maybe that’s coming at the New York premiere.) It’s custom Schiaparelli and it’s….fantastic. I assume she’s sent a giant Edible Arrangement to the person who got her out of that Chanel contract because it’s been A BLESSING.

Speaking of the other Barbie premieres, there were a ton of them this past weekend, which we’ll be covering here later today. But for now…let’s dive in. Simu Liu is wearing a denim harness! And I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a collection of red carpet pics where people have looked this collectively happy to be there.

[Photos: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock, Lisa-AFF-USA/Shutterstock]