Apparently, AnnaLynne McCord is in a new movie where (per the poster) she is a police officer of some ilk, probably rogue — or, I guess, feral. I feel like AnnaLynne is sort of underrated as an actor — she was always pretty good on 90210 — and I wish she were on a GLOW-esque streaming series about, like, cutthroat modeling agents in the 80s. Can someone please get on that? Anyway: She looks very reasonable and nice in this shorts suit, like a very pretty Realtor with a lot of glossy high-end clients. Like she’s starring in a fictionalized Selling Sunset. Maybe she can be ON Selling Sunset; Chrishell could use an ally and they’d be GREAT together.

MOVING ON before I get too deeply into that idea, also present at this event is Cassie Scerbo, who I ALSO this is underrated as an actor — she was great as the Bitchy Gymnast With Hidden Depths on the late, great Make It Or Break It — and I want more for her than just guesting on an admittedly great episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star where someone is almost blinded at a strip club. Cannot Cassie ALSO be in my new 80s Modeling Agents show? I feel like she and AnnaLynne are definitely rival model agents in the 80s (whose rivalry dates back to their own modeling days, of course), who will have super satisfying arguments wearing giant shoulder pads.

Los Angeles Premiere Of

I mean, this woman is ready to play a role where she throws a Rolodex at a wall! Bring it on!

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)