Francia Raisa here has been in a lot of stuff you’ve probably seen; she’s on Grown-ish, she was in Secret Life of the American Teenager (from which I remember her from making a lot of delicate “you have got to be kidding me” faces that often mirrored my own), she was in several of the Cutting Edge sequels, which are definitely good fun, and now she’s wearing this outfit to the opening night of the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival! It’s cute — I would have maybe added a jacket to tie the top and the trousers together a little better?

But we don’t want to distract from The Surprise Reveal of the Pants! (A lesser known secret to the Sisterhood of the Travelling ones.)

Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, Opening Night, Inside, California, USA - 02 Jun 2021

They are WAY more air conditioned than you anticipated. PERFECT for summer!

[Photos: Chelsea Lauren/LALIFF/Shutterstock]