Shape this month has four digital covers — as of this writing, I was still waiting on Kaitlyn Dever’s, which I will add when we get it — and one newsstand issue with Andra Day on the front. The online-only covers come with shorter pieces, which is a bummer, because I’d actually like to know more and hear more about all of those women. Lana’s talks about speaking out against AAPI hate, Mj Rodriguez’s (I had been capitalizing the J and it seems she doesn’t, whoops) touches on being the first trans actress to get a major Emmy nomination, and Sloane Stephens has two pieces, one of which is about athletes and mental health (you have to wonder if that was a topical late addition) and the other of which discusses her foundation which brings at-risk youth together through tennis. Andra’s cover story is quite something, because she talks at length about what she put her body through to play Billie Holliday. She actually stopped eating and took up smoking and heavy drinking, so that she would look and feel ravaged?!? That is a very surprising thing to say to a health magazine, and while she mentions getting her body back to a better place, it makes you wish someone in her circle at the time had pulled her aside and said, “This is too much. Some of this can be done with makeup, and more importantly, all of this can be done WITH ACTING.” Do not do as Christian Bale does, Andra!

[Lana Condor, Mj Rodriguez, and Sloane Stephens photographed by DJENEBA ADUAYOM; Andra Day photographed by AB+DM. Shape’s September issue is on newsstands today]