On the heels of yesterday’s watery delight, I bring you this cover that, per Informative Caption, isĀ  “Featuring Rather Inexplicably A Red Squirrel Who is Packing Various Bits of Sporting Equipment and Paraphernalia Including Golf Clubs Tennis Racquet and Fishing; Feels Ready For A Bumper Trip to Europe by the Looks of It.” I love that editorializing (and also the notion that the Bahamas is in Europe). It is very macabre that this squirrel has an animal-skin suitcase. I wonder if this what all our increasingly emboldened squirrels are doing right now, with fewer humans to harass. They’re going through our stuff and swiping our credit cards and figuring out how to book the flights we aren’t taking. This guy is CLEARLY overpacking, and I suspect is exactly the kind of rake who tries to bring everything on-board the plane as hand luggage and then pitches a fit when he’s told he needs to check it at the gate. He will then put the carryon he DOES have in an overhead bin that’s as close to the front of the plane as possible, rather than using the one over his actual seat. He will bring something enduringly fragrant that he bought to eat at the terminal, like a tuna melt, and he will take pillows from other empty rows before the plane has finished boarding. Yes. I know that squirrel.

[Photo: Shutterstock]
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